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item imageThis is work in progress and illustrates "line of sight," and "matching" concerns. You'll notice that the old sections of roof and new sections can be seen simultaneously (line of sight) and colors of roof are dramatically different (matching)
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Roofing Artisans' Insurance Valuation Services for Storybook or Cottage Roofs; Hail Damage, Wind Damage or Natural Disaster Representation 

Please do not settle your insurance claim before you speak to me! Storybook roofs require an expert! Insurance companies do not have Storybook roofing experts and their software is unable to value these intricate and wonderful roofs. 

As a premier Storybook roofing contractor, I will give you the needed guidance and representation to make sure you receive a settlement that allows you to pay for your project. With years of Storybook roofing experience as well as insurance knowledge, I will be able to guide and advocate for your best possible insurance outcome.

Case Study #1 - Hail Damage, Storybook roof, Louisville, KY

The insurance company knew their customer had a valid hail claim, yet, it took eight months and eight insurance adjusters, and two legal motions in court, to finally settle. Most states have "line of sight," and "matching" statutes, that require the insurance company to replace most or all of the roof, regardless of cost, to make you whole. What began as a repair that was initially valued at 11k by State Farm, the project ended in full replacement of the roof on the house and garage, for more than 200k! From disputes with the Department of Insurance to Arbitration, Roofing Artisans finally got the settlement our customer deserved! Please call us at 216.322.1817, email us at, or reach us through our website at

The premier wave-course, Steam-bent, Thatch and Cedar experts in the country.

Roofing Artisans is the premier Wave-course, Steam-bent, Thatch and Cedar roof experts in the country.